My Help 
          My Hope, Inc.

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Catherine Staton is a woman of God, a mother, domestic violence survivor, advocate, life coach, presenter, motivational speaker, philanthropist and soon to be author. Through her testimony from chains to change, she brings to surface the abuse that many face today in hopes that she can erase the stigma, save a life, or help prevent it from happening to someone else. Known in the community for the work her organization does, she is the CEO of MyHelpMyHope, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in October of 2008, that is dedicated to breaking the silence, eliminating domestic violence, teen empowerment, education, community collaborations, and building opportunities for successful survivors. The work that her organizations does has been featured in the Virginia Pilot, on News Channel 3, Wavy TV 10, WTVR Virginia This Morning, in the New Journal & Guide, Hampton Roads Gazeti, and on the Hampton Roads Show. Catherine has received numerous awards as well, and is one of Wavy 10 Who Care Award winners, and is ACHI Magazine Woman of the year for 2014. Catherine gives all the glory for her organizations many achievements to God and those who volunteer their time, gifts, and talents to help serve. Catherine says that no one can do anything alone. There is Unity in strength. Catherine believes that everyone has the right to live abuse free and love does not hurt.