My Help 
          My Hope, Inc.

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MyHelpMyHope, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Since 2008, MyHelpMyHope, Inc., provides education, support, programs, and resources that uplift encourage, empower, and inspire women transitioning into a life that is abuse free 

MyHelpMyHope, Inc., is dedicated to:

Breaking The Silence
Eliminating Domestic Violence
Empowering Women
Youth Empowerment
Promoting Healthy Relationships
Eliminating Homelessness

MyHelpMyHope, Inc., is a source of resilience, courage, hope and empowerment for women and families in crisis situations.  Our programs provide outstanding services that build opportunities for successful survivors, and respond to: the needs of women and children in crisis, teens, and young adults seeking guidance, and opportunities to work collaboratively to eliminate domestic violence and homelessness in the community.